An explosion…

In the exhibition of the ‘Campos minados’ (minefields) project at MAC Valdivia, we intervened in the underground vaults to incorporate a new work of photography comprised of 35 images 50×50. The space created an immersive experience that sought to stress the effects of a minefield in the territory.

This second exhibition of the Campos Minados project, held during the summer of 2017, was an invitation from the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Valdivia to take the work to the rooms of the underground tunnels. This space allowed us to expand our previous work by creating an embodied experience of the land minefields, stressing the effects of a minefield on the territory.

The exhibition has three areas. In the main hall, a photographic series of 35 images measuring 50 × 50 cms show a grid of zenithal views of the Atacama Desert and an LED screen displays a looping 3D animation of a rotating landmine against a blue sky. Visitors who decide to go through the 50-metre-long tunnels are then surrounded by darkness and a sound composition created on site by Javier Jaimovich and Matias Vilaplana. At the other end of both tunnels, the audience encounters two video projections. Finally, visitors could take away posters with subjective maps and texts about this research.