Fire Forest

The exhibition “Fire forest” invites us to blur the limits of what we consider natural and human, investigating the relationships, history and cultural construction of monocultures. To this end, the collective undertakes the risky exercise of complexing perceptions about the eucalyptus, a tree that seems to embody and be guilty of a series of evils in the national territory, starting with fires.

This quest to dilute the limits also affects the Agencia de Borde collective itself, since its proposal is installed at the intersection between art and anthropology. Using tools typical of this social science (ethnographies, field notebooks), they collect and produce documentation (interviews and orality, video, drawings, photographs) that are then transformed into visual art. In this same logic, instead of choosing a single format, his proposal is expressed through the interrelation of multiple media: installations, drawings, videos, sounds and photographs.

Work exhibited at the Museo de La Solidaridad Salvador Allende, more info here.