Liquid Landscapes

In collaboration with Zippora Elders, the Artistic Director of the Kunstfort Museum, Liquid Landscapes reflects on the conditions and effects of a landscape that is transformed into a weapon, both in the Netherlands and in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Liquid Landscapes: What if the ground under your feet can’t be trusted?’ explores how an everyday landscape can become a weapon.

The exhibition is located in Kunstfort fort, which was part of a 19th century military strategy that used water and flooded canals as a line of defence to transform the Dutch landscape into a deterrent tool. The fort and the ring of canals were never used after the arrival of aviation, and so became part of the landscape.

The new iteration of “The Landmine project” invites its visitors to the question that originates it and to observe the landscape as an agent in the modelling of reality. For this, the exhibition Liquid Landscapes combines images made in Chile of minefields with new work. This new installation, made with local collaborators, questions the experience of a ‘weapon landscape’ (Prieto, 2019) by linking the Stelling van Amsterdam with the minefields in the Atacama Desert, on the borders of Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

The exhibition occupied all 4 halls of the Kunstfort and was the first international solo exhibition by Border Agency.