Parientes Politicos

This project was carried out at the Espai Colona gallery in Barcelona, and the Metropolitan gallery in Santiago. It conceptualises and questions the identities and prejudices of two very distant urban communities/territories.

Political Relatives’ is an investigation into the territory and imagined identity of two geographically distant communities with a common history. It is based on the cultural exchange between the neighborhoods of Pedro Aguirre Cerda, in Santiago, Chile and L’Eixample in Barcelona, Spain.

Based on photographs taken in both neighbourhoods, neighbours described the inhabitants of the other town. Thus, the residents of L’Eixample imagined the residents Pedro Aguirre Cerda, while the inhabitants of Santiago imagined those of Barcelona. These audio-recorded descriptions were then given to 10 visual artists, who made drawings of the characters in the form of a “spoken portrait”.

These drawings and photographs of the neighbourhoods are exhibited in Espai Colona in Barcelona and in Galería Metropolitana in Santiago.