What if the ground under your feet cannot be trusted.

Catalogue for the exhibition held in Kunstfort, Holland. With the collaboration of Theo Reeves Evison, Catalina Valdés, and Weronika Zielinska-Klein.

The publication explores uncertainty from the territory. Beginning in the minefields of the Atacama Desert, this book explores the multiple instabilities opening up in the era of the capitalocene, climate and social crisis.

The book’s title question was posed to three authors, who gave their views on territorial instability more broadly. Theo Reeves-Evison talks about financial ecology from the perspective of digital technologies, Weronika Zielinska recounts her childhood uncertainties living with ruins and bombs from the Second World War and Catalina Valdés explores the bodily limits of science in the study of earthquakes in Chile. This book reveals the reflections that emerge from the most recent exhibition of the project at the Kunstfort Museum in the Netherlands, where the question of the impact of a landscape-weapon extends to other landscapes and temporalities that have not been considered until now.

It was printed thanks to FONDART (Ventanilla Abierta Fondart 2019). The size of this book is 15 x 21 cm closed on 104 gsm bond paper. Pamela Ipinza (designer)and Natalia Alvarez (translator) also participated.